Executive Management

Shawn R. Williams, BS is the company CEO and is married to his best friend, Allison Williams, Esq..  Shawn and Allison have two daughters.

Shawn’s interest in apparel started many years ago when he and some friends started a High School trend by wearing ties to class.  Shawn continued to develop his keen eye for fashion while in college, working in Men's furnishing, at the Macy's department store.

Shawn later started an athletic apparel company in Sacramento,  which produced athletic uniforms for high school teams and athletic leagues across northern California.

Company History

The Shawn Reginald Clothing Company was started, like many other successful companies, because there was a need.  Shawn was dissatisfied with the trendy clothing options offered to men. In early 2016, Shawn recognized that men's pants were almost universally slim/skinny cut, which are not always flattering on all body shapes. 15-20 years prior to this, pants were cut oversized, featuring extremely loose fitting / baggy pant legs. Shawn decided that he would not follow these trends and positioned himself to make classic fitting pants for a variety of body shapes. As such, in 2016 Shawn formed the “Shawn Reginald Clothing Company” LLC.

Currently, Shawn Reginald has over 7 varieties of pant and suit models from which to choose to ensure a flattering fit for the customer. Shawn's Bespoke garments are made in the USA and are birthed from the individualistic need to accentuate the human body. Shawn's American bespoke approach allows for individual patterns to be created from a multitude of measurements and posture descriptions, with fitting stages if necessary. These patterns are meticulously cut and sewn by master tailors in a handmade process that gives each garment flexibility in the places that make sense, like the armhole and shoulder line.

Shawn has stated that he draws design inspiration from the beauty of California, and designs clothing collections based on the state's various climates.  

Shawn's formula for success in the retail fashion world is this.  "We will not necessarily follow fashion trends, but we will produce fashionable products".

In April 2018 Shawn launched the e-commerce site, www.shawnreginald.com, and began selling his products directly to consumers.

September , 2018 Shawn announced the grand opening of his first brick and mortar retail boutique for men. The boutique is located in the heart of midtown, Sacramento California, at 1729 L street. The store opened November 11, 2018. The boutique features Bespoke suits, vest, pants, and outerwear. Off the rack items include  shirts, sweaters, bowties, and denims. 


Kendra Cartledge, BS - Store Manager

Kendra has over 20 years of retail management experience. Kendra specializes in customer service and is passionate about working with people. Kendra’s responsibilities include day to day retail operations, staff management, and customer service related matters.


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